Huge Indoor-Plant Warehouse Sale: Rumble in the Jungle

Sat 17th August, 2019 – Sun 18th August, 2019
19 Studley Street, Abbotsford
Channel your inner Tarzan – minus the vine-swinging.

The Jungle Collective's Abbotsford warehouse will be rife with indoor plants, designer pots and jungle bangers this weekend.

More than 170 different species have been on sale previously. Expect fiddle leaf figs, monstera, giant birds of paradise, devil’s ivy, a whole heap of ferns, hanging plants, spath sensation, and more. The collective are sourcing as many premium rare plants as possible, but there will be a limit of one per customer. There’ll also be designer pots, style advice from staff and plant-care tips from a horticulturalist.

Planning to buy up big? Bring a box to carry your plants home in – there will only be a limited number on-site. And anyone game enough to wear a onesie (of the costume variety) will get $5 off their purchase with a $10 minimum spend.

Entry is free, but booking a time slot is essential. Register here.

From 9am to 4pm on Saturday, and 10am to 2pm on Sunday.

More information here.