HR-61 Cupping Session with Proud Mary

Sun 15th March, 2015
8:30am – 10:00am
Price: $100

HR-61. It may sound like something nuclear, but the guys at Proud Mary claim that this varietal is the best – and some of the rarest – coffee in the world.

Coming from a region called El Roble in Colombia, the bean has similar characteristics to Geisha (a highly sought after variety). HR-61 is described as incredibly complex – words are thrown around such as floral, tropical and silky, and we are told there are undertones of caramel and milk chocolate.

If you want to know what truly rare and supreme coffee tastes like – this is an experience for you. You certainly don't need to be a coffee expert either – just willing to try and learn. Before you balk at the $100 ticket – keep in mind that there will be a total of five coffees to try over the hour-and-a-half session – all extremely rare and diverse.

If you do miss out on these two sessions (on Friday March 13 and Sunday March 15), Proud Mary plans to eventually sell HR-61 at its specialty brew bar, Aunty Peg's – either for $100 for a 100g bag, or $30 per cup of filter coffee.