The Honey House

Thu 2nd June, 2022 – Mon 6th June, 2022
Queensbridge Square
3 Queens Bridge Street, Southbank
Price: Free entry
Everything’s bright and topsy-turvy in this free, immersive exhibition that flips a colour-bombed house on its head.

Will insurance cover the damages if your house is randomly flipped upside down? We’re not entirely sure, but home insurance company Honey is doing the flipping.

It’s plonked the technicolour Honey House down in Southbank with the roof on the ground and the floor to the sky – and you can take photos inside.

There are seven pastel-hued rooms, including an orange bathroom littered with rubber ducks, a lilac staircase, a butter-yellow sitting room, a bright pink kitchen fit for Barbie, and more – you’ll be walking on the ceiling while the furniture is all anchored to the floor overhead in some of the topsy-turvy rooms.

Strike a pose while a friend takes a snap – don’t forget to flip the photo upside down for maximum effect.

Entry is free, but you’ll need to register online.