Holey Cheese Festival

Tue 22nd October, 2019 – Sun 27th October, 2019
Deli Lane and Dairy Produce Hall, Queen Victoria Market
Therry Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Hit the Queen Victoria Market with reckless, cheesy abandon.

Cheese boards are great. Not confined to a single wheel of brie, you can cruise through blue, gooey, hard and salty varieties. Pick up a walnut or grape to create a balanced meal.

With that in mind, you can think of the Holey Cheese Festival as a giant cheese board you can walk on. If you come across a chunk of taleggio that's a bit too olfactorily challenging, simply walk to the other end of the market and go to town on a piece of mozzarella.

Taking over the Queen Victoria Market for a week are vendors including That’s Amore Cheese, The Cypriot Kitchen, 400 Gradi and Frencheese. And there will be live music and cooking demonstrations. At the Good-a-Bar you'll find cheese-themed cocktails such as an Old Fashioned paired with smoked gouda.

If you want to take your cheese research beyond taste testing, Books for Cooks bookshop owner Tim White will share his cheese recipe tips.

Tue & Thu 10am–2pm
Fri & Sat 10am–9pm
Sun 10am–4pm

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