Haroon Mirza: The Construction of an Act

Sat 14th September, 2019 – Sun 17th November, 2019
111 Sturt Street Southbank
The London-based artist takes over ACCA.

ACCA has developed something of a reputation for bringing out particularly intriguing artists for the annual ACCA International exhibition. This year’s artist is no exception: London-based artist Haroon Mirza’s work takes a variety of forms – sound art, installation, live performance and sculpture – all united by the medium of electricity and an interest in truth and belief.

The Construction of an Act is both retrospective and forward-looking; it brings together re-presentations of some of Mirza’s previous work with new pieces that have been commissioned especially for this show. On the latter front, the title of the exhibition is quite literal, because Mirza will be constructing … well, an act. He has invited a variety of other artists – composer James Rushford, choreographer Julie Cunningham, dancer Chess Boughey, cellist Freya Schack-Arnott, guitarist Alexander Garsden and soprano Jessica Aszodi – to collaborate on a performance that will be put together over a series of residencies across the show’s first month.

Curator Annika Kristensen tells Broadsheet, “[Mirza] thinks of this new work as a quasi-opera.” On Tuesday October 8, halfway through the exhibition’s runtime, the finished product will premiere – once, and once only. Kristensen explains, “This live performance will be the first and only time that each of the elements – choreography, composition, musicians and dancers – will come together.”

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