Hannah Gadsby: Douglas

Wed 27th March, 2019 – Sun 7th April, 2019
Hamer Hall and Playhouse, Arts Centre Melbourne
100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne
Price: $84.90
Her debut Nanette took the world by storm. Don't miss the comedian's follow up – about a "very specific dog".

Celebrated comedian Hannah Gadsby’s 10th solo show Nanette made an international star of the Tasmanian comedian after it was turned into a widely viewed Netflix special.

Nanette was a piece of meta stand-up that deconstructed the nature of comedy, railed against the privilege of the “straight white male” and shed light on the way marginalised people are put down and belittled. It was an emotional and hilarious masterstroke.

Now Gadsby will debut her new show, Douglas, in Melbourne in April. Details are slim but the show is said to be based on her dog Douglas, who is described as a “very specific dog”. Following her performances in Melbourne Gadsby will take the show on a huge tour of the US before returning to Australia for more yet-to-be-announced shows.

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