Guide Dog Victoria’s Doggos on the Tram

Thu 31st January, 2019
Route 19 tram
Four Paws. Two tracks. One very cute commute.

You read that correctly, Guide Dogs Victoria is taking its pups out of the kennel for a tour of Melbourne tramlines. You can find the guide dogs on the 19 tram leaving the Flinders Street and Elizabeth Street tram stop at 2pm. And yes, you can pat them.

Keep an eye on the Guide Dogs Victoria Facebook page for updates.

The dogs will be on the tram to raise awareness for Dialogue in the Dark – an immersive experience that takes guests on a tour of a simulated Melbourne in pitch blackness, guided by a person with low vision or blindness. Participants are encouraged to problem-solve with their remaining senses.

Over 60 years, Guide Dogs Victoria has bred more than 8000 puppies, which have helped thousands of people who suffer from low vision or blindness.

Book tickets for Dialogue in the Dark here.