Gold Head Auction

Thu 29th July, 2021 – Thu 5th August, 2021
No one knows where Northcote’s mysterious “Gold Head” came from, but you can decide where it’s going – will it be your lounge room, kitchen, bathroom or garden? Make your bid online.

One night in January 2020, a life-sized golden head appeared on a plinth in All Nations Park, just over the road from Northcote Plaza Shopping Centre. It developed into a bizarre, months-long saga that involved vandalism, replicas, rumours of art thieves and council intervention. The original made a triumphant return a year ago (and it’s since been replaced by a female sculpture).

But it’s almost time to bid farewell to the first Gold Head – the guerilla art sculpture is being auctioned off for charity. Soon it could be your new housemate, taking pride of place in your own home.

The auction is taking place online, with the original Gold Head up for grabs from $100. There’s also Gold Head merch, with a framed portrait of the bust and a jigsaw puzzle starting at $20 and a tote bag from $15.

As agreeed by the anonymous artists, all proceeds from Gold Head’s sale will be donated to Elizabeth Morgan House, which provides refuge and care to Aboriginal women and children fleeing family violence.

Bidding opens at 5.30pm on Thursday July 29 and closes at the same time on Thursday August 5.

Place your bids here.