Ginuwine at Ms Collins

Fri 21st August, 2015
Ms Collins
425 Collins Street, Melbourne
Price: $30
Jump on it.

Crack out the So Fresh: Hits of 1996 to prepare for an in-the-flesh Ginuwine R&B experience.

We like to think we’re still too young for a blast from the past, but Ginuwine is bringing back all the glory of mid-90s to early 2000s with his new tour. It's the age of Britney and JT's double denim, Destiny's Child dancing on sliding couches and Backstreet Boys dancing in the rain. Cue Pony.

The Bachelor Tour Club Performance comes with the option for a full VIP booth experience, so round up the clique and make like the 90s brat-pack you know you are.

Doors open at 9pm.

For tickets email