German Film Festival

Thu 24th May, 2018 – Wed 6th June, 2018
Palace Cinemas
The German Film Festival brings a diverse program of historical drama, silly comedy and a remaster of a stone-cold classic.

With 26 films on this year’s program, the German Film Festival covers all tastes, as well as the broad experiences of German history.

Opening night film The Silent Revolution looks back to East Germany in the height of the Cold War, where a group of school kids suffer the consequences of protest under a brutal regime. Historical tragicomedy In Times of Fading Light revisits life under the East German regime at its ignominious end.

For a total change of pace there’s Germany’s biggest blockbuster comedies, the Fack ju Göhte trilogy, in which a barely literate small-time crook is forced to take on a job as a high-school teacher. It’s extremely silly and extremely funny, and you can binge on all three.

Elsewhere, there’s a clutch of lavish costume dramas: Mademoiselle Paradis tells the story of blind pianist Maria Theresia von Paradis, a contemporary of Mozart; Paula introduces us to early twentieth-century expressionist painter Paula Modersohn-Becker; and the macabre and quirky Heart of Stone is a classic fairytale set in the medieval Black Forest.

The festival closes out with a remaster of Wim Wenders’s undisputed classic, Wings of Desire, in which an angel falls in love with a mortal in ’80s Berlin. This one’s unmissable.

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The German Film Festival runs at Palace Cinemas from May 24 to June 6.

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