Future Food System Tours With Cam Smith

Sat 20th November, 2021 – Sat 11th December, 2021
Federation Square, Melbourne
Price: $27.46
Join the 3RRR broadcaster on a tour through this 87-square-metre home and urban farm in the middle of the CBD, where he'll take you through its multiple sustainability systems and chat about how it's the blueprint for the home of the future.

More than a decade ago, sustainability pioneer Joost Bakker debuted his zero-waste restaurant Greenhouse in Melbourne’s CBD. Since then it’s appeared in several forms across the country, but this fifth iteration is the most ambitious yet.

Future Food System in Federation Square is a combined home and urban farm with the ambitious goal of growing all the food its inhabitants cook and eat. Despite its modest 87-square-metre footprint, the new two-bedroom, three-storey Greenhouse is brimming with food production potential, and in the name of self-sufficiency it operates on solar power. It could really be considered a blueprint for the house of the future.

Veteran 3RRR broadcaster and frequent pub trivia host Cam Smith is taking guests through the multiple sustainability systems inside the home and how it’s changing the food production game. The tours run every Saturday from November 20 to December 11. It costs $27.46 per person and lasts 45 minutes.

A new 3D digital tour has also been added to the program, so you can visit virtually from anywhere in the world.

Future Food System's first residents were former Oakridge executive chefs Jo Barrett and Matt Stone, who cooked only what they could grow in the tiny space. They lived there from January until October 2021, hosting intimate 14-person dining experiences.

More information and bookings here.

This article was updated on November 18, 2021 with new details.