Free Uniqlo Heattech Tops

Fri 25th June, 2021
10:00am – 4:00pm
Price: Free
As temperatures inch down, Uniqlo’s helping us warm up. There are 5000 tops up for grabs online.

What’s better than a Uniqlo sale? A Uniqlo giveaway.

The cult Japanese retailer, known for its trans-seasonal colour-coordinated basics, is giving away 5000 tops from its fancy Heattech range, designed to help your body generate heat and retain it.

There’ll be 5000 up for grabs throughout the day, with release slots at 10am, 1pm and 4pm. The catch: to claim one, you’ll have to be successful at a virtual game of Hot or Cold.

Players will use their cursor to find invisible tops, moving behind a blank background – across three levels. The cursor will change colour depending on how close or far away you are from landing on one.

Winners will be given a code to redeem a free Heattech top valued at $19.90, and the option to gift another Heattech top to one of three charity partners: the Melbourne City Mission, St Vincent's Foundation and Thread Together. Overall, Uniqlo's giving away 10,000 tops – 5000 for players and another 5000 to those in need.

Other Australians outside of Victoria can also play the game for the chance to win one of five $500 Uniqlo vouchers.

Play here from 10am on Friday June 25.