Free Ramen at Shujinko Express

Tue 16th July, 2019
Shujinko Express
Level 2 Food Hall, 260 Collins Street, Melbourne
The tiny new ramen outpost is giving away 50 bowls of its signature noodles.

The first express outpost of Melbourne’s lively 24-hour ramen joint Shujinko has opened in CBD shopping hub St. Collins Lane.

To celebrate, from midday to 2pm on Tuesday, the tiny Japanese lunch spot is giving away 50 bowls of its parent’s signature tonkotsu ramen.

Shujinko is a Japanese word that translates to “protagonist”, or the hero of a story, and the hero of this popular ramen is its traditional 12-hour-boiled broth, which comes with flavoursome chargrilled char siu (barbequed pork) on top.

Opening hours:
Daily 11am–7pm