Free to Feed Cooking Experiences

Thu 1st April, 2021 – Sun 27th June, 2021
Free to Feed
539 High Street, Northcote
Price: $90–$130
Join instructors of refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds from around the world for a hands-on cooking experience, as they share their stories of culture and hope.

Free to Feed is back with another range of cooking classes, featuring cuisines from all over the world. Join newly-minted instructors as they share powerful stories from their personal journeys, all while helping you cook dishes from their home countries.

The social enterprise creates inclusive communities through shared food experiences, which in turn empower refugees and those seeking asylum. Free to Feed has helped provide employment to a number of migrants through hospitality training, cooking experiences and catered events. It’s also given the wider community a chance to learn new skills and engage in other cultures.

Never tried Iraqi or Colombian food? Now’s your chance. The Free to Feed cooking classes involve live, in-person experiences with instructors from a range of diverse backgrounds. Rawan from Baghdad is teaching vegetarian Iraqi cuisine, Salma from Tripoli will guide you through Lebanese cooking and Verena shares the ins and outs of food from Colombia, alongside other instructors hailing from Iran and Syria. Get to know them as they take take you on a three-hour immersive journey of sound, smell, taste, and storytelling.

At the end of each experience, participants leave with full bellies and a booklet of recipes from current and past instructors, as well as a unique spice blend to continue their cooking journey at home.

Tickets are $130, or $90 for seniors and concession card holders.

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