Flower Arranging Workshop With Katie Marx at Morning Market

Sat 4th June, 2022
59 Gertrude Street Fitzroy 3065
Price: $230
Step into Andrew McConnell’s cafe and grocer for an afternoon of flower arranging and build a centrepiece for your dinner table that you can take home.

A fresh bouquet of flowers does wonders for brightening up a room (and your mood). And at a dinner party or home gathering, it makes a beautiful centrepiece and conversation starter. Rather than popping down to the florist for a pre-made arrangement, learn to mix and match blooms so you can put one together yourself.

Florist Katie Marx is hosting a workshop at Andrew McConnell’s Morning Market in Fitzroy. She’ll spend the afternoon demonstrating the art of putting together a dinner-party table centrepiece using foliage and tidbits from around your home.

There’s also a hands-on component where guests can compose their own simple floral arrangement to take home in a glass vase.

Tickets are $230 per person and include a welcome drink, the demonstration, the activity and a floral arrangement, vase and secateurs to keep.