Cancelled: Feedback Loops at ACCA

Sat 7th December, 2019 – Sun 22nd March, 2020
111 Sturt Street Southbank
The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art’s exhibition Feedback Loops presents six projects by artists who draw on the aesthetics of the internet to create immersive, fantastical new ‘worlds’.

Update: the remainder of this event was cancelled on March 16 due to coronavirus concerns.

Fact, fiction and fantasy blur together in Feedback Loops, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art’s summer exhibition that looks at how we make sense of our past, present and future.

Opening December 7, the exhibition features immersive installations by six rising stars of the art world. All born in the 1980s, these artists are of a generation that grew up with digital technology as an integral part of the world. They work in a variety of mediums including video, sculpture, costuming, gaming, artificial intelligence and live performance.

Chinese artist Tianzhuo Chen brings together Buddhist art and philosophy with British rave culture in a video installation that explores the idea of the nightclub as the modern-day temple. Shanghai-based multimedia artist Lu Yang examines the intersection of philosophy, neuroscience and technology in a virtual game that visitors are encouraged to play.

Indian artist Sahej Rahal will present an installation that combines large-scale sculpture with an artificial-intelligence program populated by a cast of zoomorphic characters. And London-based artist Zadie Xa considers the Korean diaspora in a work that features costuming, masks, sound and video.

Local artists will be represented too: Adelaide-born, French based Madison Bycroft will present a live performance, Antihero, in ACCA’s foyer at 3pm on December 14. And Sydney performance artist Justin Shoulder, who has created a series of fantastical alter egos that he inhabits in his work, will spend a week in the gallery in February developing his latest character, Carrion.

10am to 5pm from Tuesday to Friday, 11am to 5pm on weekends.

Feedback Loops runs until March 22, 2020. See details.