Embla Rooftop Bar and Cinema

Sat 30th January, 2021 – Sun 11th April, 2021
Embla Rooftop Bar and Cinema
126 Russell Street, Melbourne
Price: $18 - $24
Expect levelled up snacks (lemony crab-and-fennel toast, for example), spritzes and roses, and themed screenings every week.

Embla is getting sky-high this summer: owners Christian McCabe and Dave Verheul are opening a pop-up bar and cinema on the rooftop of the 1920s building next door on Russell Street.

The building, currently home to the Melbourne Theosophical Society, is soon to be demolished to make way for a boutique hotel, so they're making the most of the rooftop while they can.

Menu-wise, it’s all about levelled-up snacks: think lemony crab-and-fennel toasts; raw kingfish with pumpkin-seed miso, cucumber and cumquat; and stracciatella with cimi di rapa (an Italian brassica), golden beets and walnuts. A “simplified” version of Embla’s regular Sunday lunch will be dished up on weekends too.

After sunset, a 5.5-metre screen will light up the space. The program will run the gamut genre-wise – expect Pulp Fiction, Bohemian Rhapsody and Mean Girls – so there’s something for every cinephile. Up first: True Romance (1993), written by Quentin Tarantino and starring with Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette. Weekly programming themes will focus on food and wine, the ’80s and Patrick Swayze.

On the cinema snacks menu: cultured-butter-and-sea-salt popcorn, Piccolina gelato pops and Embla’s take on an ice-cream sundae.