Edge of Elsewhere at Glen Eira City Council Gallery

Sun 3rd March, 2024 – Sun 24th March, 2024
Glen Eira City Council Gallery
Corner Glen Eira and Hawthorn Roads, Caulfield
Price: Free entry
Part of Photo 2024 International Festival of Photography, the exhibition of more than 40 works, by 11 acclaimed Melbourne artists, explores how actions taken now will impact our collective future.

Treasured pieces of family furniture on fire in the Australian bush; a wombat and koala in dignified large-scale portraits; a woman's face disrupted by the image of an egg on the verge of fertilisation; industrial cables delicately arranged, like Japanese Ikebana.

These images and many more are part of Edge of Elsewhere, a thought-provoking exhibition at Glen Eira City Council Gallery taking place as part of Photo 2024 International Festival of Photography.

Edge of Elsewhere features the work of 11 Melbourne-based photographers, including winners and finalists of some of Australia’s most prestigious art prizes, exploring subjects ranging from the global climate catastrophe to the consequences of unfiltered information on social cohesion.

Some pieces highlight the fragility of the natural environment and animal habitats, while others look at overuse of plastics or the impact of assisted reproductive technologies. Powerful large-scale portraits sit alongside delicate sculptures.

Julie Shiels's mesmerising photomontages, aglow in lightboxes, imagine new climate realities using photographs of medieval and early modern paintings of floods, fire and desert. Hedy Ritterman’s subtle and beautiful illumimated photos of cables arranged in floral-style formations are a comment on humanity's endless pursuit of digital communication.

Linda Wachtel’s striking photographic portraits of IVF patients, overlaid with magnified reproductive imagery (fertilised human eggs, a human ovum being injected with sperm), contemplate today's modern reproductive technologies and the human lives they impact.

And portraits of a different kind, by Jodie Hutchinson and Claudia Terstappen, reflect on vulnerable animal populations and the destruction of their habitats, asking how much longer we'll experience these animals in the wild before they become relegated to zoo enclosures or museum displays only.

Hutchinson’s arresting photographs show taxidermy animals from the Melbourne Museum up close, as if a koala and a wombat have posed for her camera, while Terstappen’s startling images of a road-kill echidna and goanna are symbols of environmental degradation caused by the demands of ever-growing human populations.

The artists involved in the show, including Ponch Hawkes and Paula Mahoney, are all part of The Photo Group (TPG), a collective established in the late 1990s. Edge of Elsewhere is the first exhibition that brings all their work together at the same time

Edge of Elsewhere is showing at the Glen Eira City Council Gallery in Caulfield for the duration of Photo 2024. Artists’ talks are taking place at the gallery on Saturday 16 March and Sunday 17 March from 2pm to 3pm. Entry is free. More information here.