Edgar’s Mission Chicken Village

Sat 19th September, 2020
Meet the sanctuary's 79 hens and roosters – including Captain Thunderbolt, Amelia Eggheart, Grey Beard – at home in their colourful chicken houses.

Each Saturday, Lancefield animal sanctuary Edgar’s Mission is giving cooped-up Victorians (or anyone who's keen) the chance to take a leisurely virtual stroll around a different section of its 153 acres of farmland.

The sanctuary, which is about 60 kilometres north of Melbourne, is home to more than 450 rescued animals. After introducing us to its rowdy pigs, cuddly lambs and stoic cows in previous weeks, on September 19 the tour will visit the colourful houses and charming garden that belongs to the chickens.

You'll meet 79 rescue hens and roosters including Captain Thunderbolt, Amelia Eggheart, Grey Beard and more.

Tune in here from 2pm. There’ll also be a chance to visit the goats in weeks to come.