Drive In(Door) Cinema

Thu 7th January, 2021 – Tue 26th January, 2021
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
148 Normanby Road, via lane 3 & 4, South Wharf
Price: $49 per car
Find Australia's "first indoor drive-in cinema" in a cavernous space at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, with room for 174 cars and sessions from the early morning to the late evening.

Going to the drive-in is an inherently after-dark activity. The sun and the big screen don’t mix. But what if you brought the drive-in experience indoors?

Village Cinemas is doing just that with what it’s calling Australia’s “first indoor drive-in cinema” at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC).

There’s room for 174 cars across MCEC’s cavernous exhibition bays, which are completely weatherproof and usually used for large-scale business and cultural events.

Sessions run from early morning to late evening. During the day, catch family favourites such as Shrek and Frozen, as well as new releases such as Trolls World Tour. Classics such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Speed and Dirty Dancing will screen after dark.

Bonus: you can get all the usual candy-bar suspects – popcorn, choc tops and more – delivered to your car, making for a very Covid-safe experience.