Dinos Alive: An Immersive Experience at Fever Exhibitions Hall

Wed 3rd January, 2024 – Mon 4th March, 2024
Fever Exhibitions Hall
62 Dawson Street, Brunswick
Price: From $32
Round up the kids for this realistic, high-production-values exhibition, featuring more than 80 life-size dinosaur models, complete with moving eyes, heads, tails and in-built speakers to deliver all the roars.

Dinosaurs were big and scary, as everyone knows. But standing under one of the roaring, head-bobbing animatronics at Dinos Alive gives you a far more visceral taste of how terrifying it would’ve been, had humans co-existed with the prehistoric beasts.

The exhibition, run by American events platform Fever at its new exhibition warehouse in Brunswick, is spread over five rooms and features 80-plus convincingly realistic models – some a couple of stories high. Visitors wander along roped off garden-style paths, with some larger models projecting overhead, tails wagging or jaws snapping just beyond reach.

All the kid favourites are here – T-rex, stegosaurus, velociraptor – alongside plenty of more obscure species. Each diorama, complete with plants and other details, features a small illuminated plaque sharing key information about the species. The plaques are illuminated because the rooms are rather dark.

Noisy, too, now that we think of it, with a menagerie of speculative squeaks, chitters, groans and roars mixing into a sustained background ruckus. While dino-loving young children will undoubtedly get a kick out of the exhibition, there’s also the possibility that the scare factor all this movement, noise and animatronic realism will outweigh their excitement. If it gets too much, take a break in the middle room, a calming oceanarium with 360-degree projections of turtles, shimmering schools of fish, plesiosaurs and other aquatic species.

The final room is the best place to linger. In addition to dinosaur-themed slides and shopping mall-scale rides, it features two large beds where you little ones can dust for fossils, a colouring station where final drawings are scanned and animated on a vast screen, and a VR-headset experience (an extra $5 per person). And of, course, you’ll exit through the gift shop, filled with dinosaur toys and other merch.

Open every day except Tuesday.