David Greybeard

Thu 3rd December, 2020 – Tue 22nd December, 2020
Hamer Hall at Arts Centre Melbourne
100 St Kilda Road, Southbank
Price: Free
A towering, nine-by-12-metre chimpanzee sculpture has just landed in the CBD. And you’ve only got 20 days to see it.

Arts Centre Melbourne’s Hamer Hall has a new resident. A towering, nine-by-12-metre chimpanzee – in sculpture form – is now perched on the side of the building, overlooking the Yarra.

The sculpture, by Australian artist Lisa Roet, depicts the iconic chimp David Greybeard, who was at the centre of the work done by pioneering primate-behaviour researcher Jane Goodall.

Roet hopes to raise questions around humanity’s relationship with nature – and our closest living animal relative. And the unveiling marks 60 years since Goodall’s expedition in Tanzania, when David Greybeard welcomed her into his family.

Made in Williamstown over an eight-month period, it comprises lightweight metallic thread material.

David Greybeard is in Melbourne until December 22, when it will tour six countries and four continents.

More information here.