Cyrano at Melbourne Theatre Company

Sat 31st July, 2021 – Sat 4th September, 2021
Southbank Theatre
140 Southbank Blvd, Southbank, VIC, 3000
The French classic gets a contemporary, quick-witted, gender-flipped twist.

Cyrano de Bergerac may have been written in 1897 by French playwright Edmond Rostand. But since then the tale of a charismatic hero gradually questioning their own mental acuity has stood the test of time, having been performed, translated, twisted and reinterpreted endlessly while retaining the beats that made it a classic. This winter it comes to the Melbourne Theatre Company - with a new twist.

Written by Virginia Gay (Vivid White, The Beast) who also stars in the title role, and helmed by director Sarah Goodes (Home, I’m Darling), Cyrano sees the pair drive a gender-flipped, music-filled take on the classic.

Gay’s Cyrano is the most interesting person in any room. She’s fallen for Roxanne (Tuuli Narkle), the new girl in town who - like Cyrano - is a brilliant wordsmith and cunning linguist. But Roxanne only likes Yan (Claude Yabbour), who might be handsome but is bit of a dummy. Or is he? When Yan starts saying sweet eloquent nothings, confusion sets in. And before long Cyrano is revealed as its orchestrator.

A love letter to theatre, Gay and Goodes have created a modern Cyrano for our times – a romp filled with songs, longing and hope. And spoiler: there’s a happy ending.

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