Crowd Theory by Simon Terrill

Sat 2nd February, 2019 – Sun 31st March, 2019
Centre for Contemporary Photography
404 George Street, Fitzroy
This photography exhibition captures urban communities, and the way they view themselves.

For fourteen years, photographer Simon Terrill has been staging vast Crowd Theory events, where he invites urban community groups to act out how they see themselves. Only the time is specified, so that Terrill can be on hand with a camera.

This exhibition looks at the stories created so far, and it's a fascinating record of communities in action, however disparate and varied, with added insight into how people consciously project identity. At Footscray Community Arts Centre, some grey-haired locals tend a garden, while a teenager in a hoodie rides a bike across the torsos of some mates. At Balfron Tower in London in 2010, Terrill captures people in apartment windows and balconies, living in close proximity to – but seemingly unaware of – their neighbours.

These images recall the work of Renaissance painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder: lots of tiny figures adding up to a social commentary, albeit with less demonic torture.

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