MFWF: The Convenient Store Presented by 7-Eleven

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A next-level convenience store stocked with grab-and-go items from some of Melbourne’s best venues – including Supernormal's katsu sando, Pie Thief's lasagne pie, kangaroo jerky from Meatsmith and more. Plus, a “motherlode” with a cut from every deli at Queen Vic Market’s deli hall.

Update (August 31): Melbourne Food & Wine Festival’s Winter Edition – including this event – has been cancelled.

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival is opening a convenience store with a difference.

At The Convenient Store, a 10-day pop-up at Queen Victoria Market, there’ll be no soggy sangas. The shelves will be stocked with grab-and-go items from some of Melbourne’s best venues.

Under one roof you’ll be able to pick up Pie Thief’s lasagne pie and vegan spaghetti bolognaise pie; a katsu sando (or an egg sando tribute to Japanese chain Lawson) by Supernormal; Welsh rarebit Danishes from Monforte Viennoiserie; 7-Eleven chicken nuggets with Lee Ho Fook spiced red vinegar; and a mammoth deli-style “motherlode” sandwich stacked with cold cuts and cheese from every single deli in Queen Victoria Market’s Dairy Hall.

For dessert: neenish tarts by Falco Bakery, a riff on the Wagon Wheel by Beatrix, and a honey-almond bundt from Mork.

Plus, there’ll be snacks for home, including chips from Chappy’s Snacks, vegan salumi from Smith & Daughters, Meatsmith kangaroo jerky, damper kits from Mabu Mabu and more – so much more.

From 8am to 6pm daily.

More information here.