Concrete Citizens

Thu 6th February, 2020 – Fri 28th February, 2020
95 Buckhurst Street, South Melbourne
Price: Free
This new photo exhibition centres around Brutalist apartment complexes in former Soviet states, and the lives led within them.

Brutalist buildings are characterised by their massive, monolithic and “blocky” appearance, and are often associated with the Soviet Union. Many such buildings survived its fall.

For his first official photo-documentary series, Melbourne-based photographer Alex Schoelcher zooms in on the architectural style, then beyond it. In Concrete Citizens, Schoelcher presents his photographs of Brutalist apartment complexes alongside portraits of the people living inside them.

Shot across two summers between 2018 and 2019 in Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova, each portrait depicts someone who has survived – or is living in the wake of – the Soviet regime. Schoelcher’s exhibition focuses on the human aspect, which he says can be overshadowed by contemporary Western culture’s "fetishisation" of Brutalism.

The opening is on Thursday Feburary 6 from 6pm to 9pm. There’ll be free Moon Dog beer, Rob Dolan wines and a grazing table.

Mon to Fri 8.30am–5.30pm

More information here.