The Cluedo Experience at Old Melbourne Gaol

Wed 25th November, 2020 – Sun 31st January, 2021
Old Melbourne Gaol
377 Russell Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Find clues and figure out whodunnit in an imaginary 1924 murder in this real-life Cluedo game in a spooky, heritage-listed site.

Amateur sleuths can now attempt to solve a Cluedo-style murder mystery inside the spooky Old Melbourne Gaol, which was built in the mid-1800s.

In an immersive version of the classic board game, players will analyse suspects’ alibis and examine physical evidence with smartphones to figure out whodunnit in the imaginary 1924 murder of dodgy criminal lawyer, Lionel Grey.

As the story goes, “Lying Lionel” was a swaggering blowhard and a womaniser who played fast and loose with the facts. His body was found in an otherwise empty cell with signs of a scuffle.

Players can pick up a detective’s booklet from reception and work together or in competition to find clues and weapons (with scannable QR codes), which will be dotted around the heritage-listed Russell Street building.

There are six suspects, and the winner will be whoever deduces who the murder is, where they committed their crime and what weapon they used to do it.

The Cluedo Experience runs at Old Melbourne Gaol Wednesday to Sunday between 10am and 6pm from November 25. The detective booklet is $5 on top of general admission.

More information here.