Fri 8th February, 2019 – Sat 9th March, 2019
Neon Parc Brunswick
15 Tinning Street, Brunswick
Neon Parc curator Geoff Newton was inspired by the obscure for his latest show, which is spread across two galleries, one in the city and one in Brunswick.

Carny is an off-beat 1980 film about a young waitress (Jodie Foster) running away with the circus. Like the film, this show explores the dark underbelly of old-school carnivals, lowbrow spaces populated by misfits, mavericks and weirdos.

In the city, artist Hayley Arjona’s psychedelic punk painting is a two-and-a-half metre cut-out of poor taste and fluorescent glare, depicting a little girl smoking a huge green joint, a three-eyed figure mooning you, and a braying unicorn. It also functions as one of those carnival curios where you pop your head into a gap to put yourself into the image.

Surrounding smaller works by Spencer Lai are cut out of felt, presenting shadow-puppet-like appropriations of other artists’ work: a religious scene, an image of a mental institution, some 16th-century Japanese pornography and a lovely bunch of blue flowers. Nick Mullaly paints in candy colours, his gaudy Push Me showing a row of brightly-coloured legs and heeled boots – a threatening image wrapped up in a rainbow. Hana Earl’s messy black canvas has cat ears and a tail, and purple text that reads “Meow!” in friendly yet forbidding letters.

Carny is at Neon Parc City until March 2 and Neon Parc Brunswick until March 9.

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