Broadsheet x Mary’s Life’s a Peach Cocktail

Sat 1st February, 2020 – Thu 30th April, 2020
167 Franklin Street Melbourne 3000
Price: $18
A limited-edition, fruit-forward drink featuring whisky and Turkish apple tea.

The newly opened Mary’s in Melbourne is already an instantly recognisable sister to its burger-centric Sydney venues – loud, loose and a little lascivious. Now for a limited time we’re lightening the vibe with a new, peachy limited-edition cocktail designed to stretch out the warm weather vibes.

Dubbed Life’s a Peach, our fruity concoction marries Copper Dog blended malt Scotch whisky with peach brandy, lemon, sugar and Turkish apple tea. It’s served in a wine glass with a dehydrated peach slice and a big ol’ mint sprig.

The drink is available for a limited time. Head to Franklin Street, find the angular handwriting on the front door, order a burger and settle in.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Copper Dog whisky.