Broadsheet Diner at the F1 Australian Grand Prix

Thu 12th March, 2020 – Sun 15th March, 2020
Broadsheet Diner at the M-Lane, Albert Park Circuit
12 Aughtie Drive, Albert Park VIC 3206
Price: Entry included with Grand Prix admission
We’re running our own curated lunch counter at this year’s Grand Prix – expect juicy cheeseburgers, hot chips with soft serve, mac’n’cheese pies and other twists on old-school classics.

At this year’s Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix, you can expect to see more than just car racing. In addition to the live-music performances, there’s also a bustling food hub – including Broadsheet Diner.

We’ve curated a pop-up tuckshop space in the M-Lane festival hub, with vendors slinging cheeseburgers, tossing some greens, baking meaty pies and scooping ice-cream. There’ll be a takeaway window for each vendor, so you can stack your tray with lots of options, take a seat and listen to the roar from the racetrack.

Themed burger joint Easey’s will dish out its signature cheeseburger, alongside classic hotdogs with all the trimmings, chicken salt chippies and an indulgent mac’n’cheese with eight types of fromage.

For something leafy, salad bar Fishbowl’s Japanese-inspired bowls have you covered. The OG is a classic dish of salmon sashimi tossed in a mix of kale, beets and edamame with roasted sesame dressing and topped with nori and tobiko. There’ll also be two chicken salads – one with avocado and wasabi mayo, another with crispy noodles and salty shoyu dressing – and a vegan number with fresh house-made tofu, shallots, edamame and kale in a miso-tahini sauce.

Pie Thief’s Scott Blomfield has crafted a mac’n’cheese-filled pie just for the occasio, and the bakery’s signature chunky steak pie will also make an appearance. And if you need more to cool down, oddball ice-creamery Kenny Lover can help. Grab a vegan banana split, a pie loaded with cherry ice-cream, house-made rhubarb and coconut spiders and hot chips for dipping into the soft serve.

This article was produced by Broadsheet in partnership with The Australian Grand Prix.