Wed 4th July, 2012 – Sat 14th July, 2012
The Malthouse Theatre
113 Sturt Street, Southbank
Price: $40.00

When said out loud, Briwyant, sounds like “Brilliant”. This spectacular dance performance that encapsulates the true genius of indigenous choreographer, dancer, and teacher Vicki Van Hout.

The piece is inspired by a Yolngu painting technique, a cross-hatched pattern that when finished, seems to shimmer and move – as if influenced by the magic of the ancestors. It is this magic of movement that provides the catalyst for Van Hout’s work, highlighted by impressive performances by the spectacularly talented dancers in the piece.

Van Hout’s own training is evident in the piece, with both her classical training she recveived at NAISDA Dance College, met with a more contemporary skills learnt while studying dance abroad influencing the dance style and techniques used in Briwyant.

A fusion of Indigenous dance with both classical and modern influences, Briwyant’s hybrid style provides audiences with both an intensity and self-deprecating humour - Much like Van Hout herself.