Beg Borrow Steal

Fri 9th August, 2019 – Fri 16th August, 2019
Schoolhouse Studios
81 Rupert Street, Collingwood
A new artists' group is putting on its first show at Schoolhouse Studios. The brief? Only use materials they had or could beg, borrow or steal.

Wunder Gym, a new creative community connecting emerging and mid-career artists with established artistic mentors, is putting on its first exhibition.

Beg Borrow Steal, which opens on Friday August 9, will run at Collingwood’s Schoolhouse Studios as part of Creative Victoria’s celebration of all things handmade, Craft Cubed Festival.

The exhibition is comprised of mixed-media works by Wunder Gym members developed in response to a brief by the group’s first mentor, contemporary artist Jacqui Stockdale.

The members were encouraged to explore the concept of portrait using materials they either had, could beg for, borrow or steal.

Wunder Gym launched in June but any new members will benefit from upcoming mentorships by sculptural artist Troy Emery and MUMA senior curator Hannah Mathews.

Find out what it’s all about at the family-friendly opening, from 6pm to 8pm. Drinks can be purchased from the bar.

More information here.