Becoming You: An Incomplete Guide at the Immigration Museum

Mon 16th November, 2020 – Fri 31st December, 2021
Immigration Museum
400 Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Price: $0 - $15
Go back in time through rooms of enquiry with a host of extraordinary guides.

Why are the experiences of our early years scored so indelibly in our brains?

In November, the Immigration Museum continues its recent run of unique programming with an exploration of these formative experiences. Becoming You: An Incomplete Guide promises a deep dive into the transitional period of adolescence.

Sharing stories across time, culture, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, ability and place, the exhibition boasts a series of speakers drawn from science, activism, sport, art, design and the everyday. Each will share real-life stories drawn from Victorian classrooms, kitchens, pubs, clubs, homes and streets.

These guides include performance artist and writer Adolfo Aranjuez, astrophysicist Alan Duffy, author Alice Pung, model Andreja Pejić, artist Atong Atem, poet and critic Fiona Wright, climate activist Harriet O’Shea Carre, disability activist Jax Jacki Brown, AFL footballer Jason Johannisen, fashion designer Jenny Bannister, drag queen Karen from Finance, Gunnai-Gunditjmara Greens Senator for Victoria Lidia Thorpe, rapper Nathan “Birdz” Bird, ballet dancer and actor Noel Tovey, comedian and writer Osamah Sami, documentary filmmaker Santilla Chingaipe, Lord Mayor of Melbourne Sally Capp and cross-cultural consultant Tasneem Chopra. Some of the not-so-well known include a young migrant girl on learning important lessons from her grandma and one man’s lessons learnt after burning down a pub.

Visitors will grow up (again) with them as they enter the exhibition via a corridor of questions. The library is a room in which to explore rules and boundaries – at odds to the bedroom, which focuses on dreams and aspirations, met and unmet. Other pods will explore sexuality and physicality; celebrate achievements, firsts and arrivals (and may or may not smell of Passion Pop) and look at nascent activism and good old-fashioned rebellion.

At the end you’re ejected back onto the street, perhaps a little wiser from looking back.

Broadsheet is a proud media partner of Museums Victoria. Becoming You: An Incomplete Guide runs at the Immigration Museum from November 16.