Anna Hoyle: Your Choc-Mint Pelvik Floor Is So Boring at Linden New Art

Sat 4th December, 2021 – Sun 27th February, 2022
Linden New Art
26 Acland Street, St Kilda
Price: Free
The Melbourne artist has painted colourful (but fake) book covers spoofing self-help guides and wellness books. Tag yourself – I’m “She Cooked Tomato and Tuna Pasta Like a Depressed Housemate”.

It feels like there’s a self-help, wellness or how-to guide for anything. And while some might genuinely Change Your Life™, artist Anna Hoyle is looking critically at the ways they can be deceptive and manipulative, designed to make you feel bad about your life when there’s really no reason to be.

That’s the message behind Your Choc-Mint Pelvik Floor Is So Boring, her colourful new solo exhibition at Linden New Art. Her vibrant graphic style and playful illustrations come together in a series of fake book covers spoofing the genre and taking on issues of consumerism and environmental excess.

The faux covers poke fun with titles like She Cooked Tuna Pasta Like a Depressed Housemate, Handy Book of Eyebrow Swooshes, Your Boobs Can Fix It and Heavy Breathing & Nesting Tables.

The art pieces are also available to purchase online.

Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 11am to 4pm. Entry is free.

More information here.