Alpha Beta Gamma

Fri 9th August, 2019 – Fri 16th August, 2019
33 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
Explore Chernobyl without the threat of nuclear exposure in this walk-through photography exhibition.

The 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster has re-entered the collective consciousness due to the acclaimed HBO historical drama, Chernobyl.

Since the location of the meltdown is expected to be uninhabitable for thousands of years, an experiential Chernobyl showcase from Melbourne photographer p1xels is a safer way to see inside the dangerous exclusion zone.

Held in a secret Melbourne location, the Alpha Beta Gamma exhibition will recreate the nuclear ruins through photographic works.

Participants can also venture through an “Experience Space” inspired by the photographer’s visit to the town of Pripyat, which will immerse visitors in the moment of the accident through light and sound displays.

p1xels will also be presenting an artist talk, detailing his overnight stay inside the exclusion zone and discussing the exhibition’s focus on how nature is working to reclaim the once barren town. There will also be a bar set up at the exhibition.

Alpha Beta Gamma is a free event. Doors open at 6pm on Friday August 9.

You can register for the guest list here.

Opening hours:
Fri August 9, 6pm–9pm
Sat August 10, 12pm–4pm
Sun August 11, 12pm–4pm