After-Work Drinks Club

Mon 26th June, 2023 – Fri 24th November, 2023
Multiple locations
The only thing better than an after-work beer, is an after-work beer on the house.

If the traffic is anything to go by, working from the office is back in full swing. Which can only mean after work drinks are back on too.

In some good news for Melburnians, After-Work Drinks Club is making a return – meaning you’ll be able to have your after-work drinks for free at select venues across the city between Monday June 26 and Friday November 24.

Before you leave work, sign up to the club to get your unique code, head to your nearest participating venue and order an Asahi Super Dry or Peroni Nastro Azzurro through Mr Yum with your code, and enjoy the complimentary drink.

This year, the list of participating venues has extended – so if you’re still working from home, or your office isn’t CBD-based, you can still take part.

In St Kilda, head to Captain Baxter for your knock-off drink. Nearby in Southbank, you can head to Pure South or Ponyfish Island. Or, head to Hightail Bar in Docklands.

If you’re working in the city, you’ll have plenty of options. Fancy Hank’s, Good Heavens, both Father’s Office locations, Natural History and the Mint Restaurant Wine Bar are all taking part this year.

If you’re still working from home, this might be just the pull to get you back into the office. All that’s left for you to do is round up some co-workers.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Asahi and Peroni.