Adult Halloween at Legoland Discovery Centre

Tue 31st October, 2017
Legoland Discovery Centre
Level 2, Chadstone, Chadstone Shopping Centre, 1341 Dandenong Road, Chadstone VIC 3148
Price: $32.50

It’s getting to the scary time of the year. Kids roam the streets demanding sweet gifts. In an age when even three year olds have smart phones, refusing a toddler treats could see you labelled a lolly pariah with one quick Instagram post.

If you want to avoid the ankle biters entirely LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is holding an adults only Halloween night. There will be speed and pumpkin building competitions, classes from master builders as well as prizes for best/scariest costume.

For some, the prospect of standing on stray plastic bricks is just as terrifying as encountering sugar frenzied children. In that case you’ll just have to stay home, turn off the lights, and pray for the morning.