The Story of the Moving Image at ACMI

Thu 11th February, 2021 – Thu 31st December, 2026
Federation Square Flinders Street Melbourne
The beloved CBD attraction reopens with a centrepiece exhibition celebrating the wide-ranging focus of the newly renovated museum.

For the last two years there’s been an ACMI-shaped hole in the heart of Melbourne, as the home of the city’s screen culture shut its doors for extensive renovations. Now it’s back. On Thursday February 11 it relaunches with a major exhibition exploring how film, TV art and videogames have shaped who we are, how we see ourselves and how the world reflects it all.

Incorporating everything from ancient shadow puppets and Victorian-era magic lanterns to original cameras, iconic costumes and the latest in interactive technology, The Story of the Moving Image is an epic journey through the past, present and future of moving images.

Beginning with the earliest optical illusions and running through the history of cinema to the immersive technologies of today and tomorrow, the exhibit covers motion picture history in five distinct sections. Each examines a defining moment in the development of the moving image, and includes the origin and future of cinema, production design and the creative process, Australian culture and First Peoples’ stories, the rise of videogames, and how screens inform, influence and empower us.

There’s also a range of interactive experiences that bring movie making to life, including the chance to animate shadows, experiment with time, edit film scenes and create soundscapes in a custom Foley studio.

All of these moments can be collected with the Lens, ACMI’s free handheld, take-home device. It allows you to digitally gather the objects and artworks discovered in the collection and reconnect with them at home, where you can delve deeper into the stories and ideas behind a selection of the museum’s collection, as well as discover the films, art, TV and videogames linked to your own.

ACMI reopens to the public on Feb 11. Book your free tickets and see more information.

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