A1 Canteen at Belles

Tue 9th October, 2018
150 Gertrude Street Fitzroy 3065
One sandwich to rule them all. And in the darkness of a cob loaf bind them. And by "them" we mean piles of cold cuts, cheese and olives.

When does the ratio of meat to bread tip the scales and turn a sandwich into a stacked antipasto board? When it comes to the muffuletta – the classic New Orleans sandwich that dates back to 1906 – the boundary gets blurry. Making one involves hollowing out a loaf of bread before layering salami, ham and mortadella with an olive salad – green olives with pickled carrots, celery and cauliflower – as well as Swiss cheese and provolone.

The sandwich has a cult following at Clayton Wells’s all-day Sydney cafe, A1. On Tuesday, Wells is heading south for a pop-up at Belles Hot Chicken Fitzroy to send out a bunch of his famous sandwiches, as well as run a short breakfast menu of A1 favourites. Dishes include curried scrambled eggs, a fried egg and mortadella roll and an eggplant, romesco and provolone sandwich.

There are only 60 portions of each item so get in quick if you want one of those muffuletta’s. Maybe take the morning off work though, this is one sandwich that requires a post-meal lie down.

From 9am to 12pm or until sold out.

More information here.