"A Billion Bucks"

Tue 18th October, 2016 – Sat 17th December, 2016
The Honeymoon Suite
Level 1, 60 Sydney Road, Brunswick

A Billion Bucks is the second iteration of a curatorial project by artist Justin Hinder. It follows from the project’s first iteration, A Million Bucks, which Hinder presented at Utopian Slumps in 2013.

A Million Bucks came about when Hinder had a peculiar check-up with his doctor, who he had visited in the hope of finding a cure for an aching toenail. Instead he received unwarranted advice based on the doctor’s prejudiced ideas about a gay man’s lifestyle. The show was a response to the interaction, and it presented a future version of Hinder.

A Billion Bucks, curated in partnership with The Honeymoon Suite's founder and curator Charlotte Cornish, features artwork by Catherine Clayton-Smith, Jessica Curry, Marc Etherington, Tony Garifalakis, Matthew Harris, Katherine Hattam, Lou Hubbard, John Meade, Dan Moynihan, Andrew Read and Kristina Toulis-Rey.

The Honeymoon Suite is open Wed to Sat 12pm–5pm or by appointment.