3D Printing Workshop

Wed 16th July, 2014
6:00pm – 8:00pm
Studio Batch
Level 1/116 Studio Ln, Docklands (opposite Toyworld)
Price: $55

Studio Batch welcomes you to the mind-blowing world of 3D printing at its workshop at its Docklands-based studio. Participants will observe a rather hypnotising 3D-printing demonstration, learn about the process, equipment and software needed for a print and handle the vast array of products Batch is working on.

Studio Batch is a Melbourne 3D-printing businesses with a shopfront selling rings, necklaces, homewares and lights. Join them to learn about 3D printing and get excited about all the weird and wonderful things you too might be able to one day print at home.

Plus, you get to take home one of their ingenious pieces of jewellery valued at $35.