196 Degrees Below at White Night

Sat 18th February, 2017 – Sun 19th February, 2017
Birrarung Marr
Batman Avenue, Melbourne

Yes this looks kind of freaky, but aren't you curious to try it? Nitrogen ice-cream master 196 Below is serving its fluoro coloured soft-serve at White Night from sunset until sunrise.

Try the glow-in-the-dark raspberry ice-cream or passionfruit sorbet, which are both visible under ultraviolet lights. The ice-cream has been made with a specialty food dye containing the chemical compound fluorescein (the same chemical used for blood-flow tracing in medical diagnoses).

You can opt for one flavour or swirl the two together for a psychedelic combo.

You’ll also be able to try two flavours from the Neon Nitro ice-cream range: redskin and salted caramel.

196 Below will be located in the the Food Precinct at Birrarung Marr at White Night.