1000 Doors

Tue 2nd October, 2018 – Sun 21st October, 2018
Arts Centre Melbourne
100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne
Price: $10
A Haunting, Claustrophobic Maze of Memory

In a long, low-ceilinged hallway, the ’70s wallpaper is peeling off in strips. There’s a single door at the end. Beyond that, a room and another door. In a cupboard is a cache of old black and white photographs. Through cracks in the wall, light and rain seep in.

This is 1000 Doors, a new installation experience from artists Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney. It’s subtler than your typical haunted-house experience or ghost train. Wagstaff and Courtney are the duo behind last year’s House of Mirrors, another labyrinthine installation that we described at the time as a “kaleidoscopic panic dream”. This is a companion piece, taking that claustrophobia and spatial confusion into grittier territory.

It’s a patchwork of found objects. For years Wagstaff and Courtney have been salvaging doors – from renovations and demolitions – all battered and weathered in different ways, all with histories of their own. And it’s not just doors. Some of the 1000 are mirrors, or openings or windows.

The endless hallway, the door to nowhere and the obscure hint of horrific history is the stuff of Wagstaff and Courtney’s collective nightmares.

From 12pm to 6pm.