After noticing an unnecessary separation of health science and wellness in the Pilates and yoga world, physiotherapist Sammy Wilson has opened a studio that combines the two.

Universal Practice is a haven in the middle of lively Richmond, just 10 minutes down Swan Street from Richmond station. Wilson created a space that not only works to mend and strengthen your body, but that helps relieve stress and find calm. And it’s all grounded in science.

Wilson is a physiotherapist and a Pilates and yoga instructor. “[What we do] comes from that medical background,” says Wilson. She and her team blend this with the holistic capabilities of yoga and meditation. “So it’s bringing the East and merging it with the science and the medicine of the Western world.”

The studio is filled with natural light. Soft music plays during the classes and an Aesop ginger-essential-oil blend sits at the entrance to be applied to your pulse points as a way to leave the world behind when you enter Universal Practice’s space. It is nothing like walking into most physio practices.

In the front of the studio, there’s a Pilates room equipped with reformers for classes of up to six. A yoga and meditation room with wall ropes (for ropes yoga) sits in the middle, and two physiotherapy rooms and showers sit out the back.

The space is open to all types of clients, from athletes suffering from injury, to hard workers who just need some time to unwind. Wilson believes Pilates and yoga should be used to assist in general wellbeing, as well as to treat physical tension.

“Healing is always happening. It’s a fluid state and is always changing in your body, so you should always be trying to assist that process rather than waiting until you have pain,” she says.

All the teachers are qualified physiotherapists who can ensure safe practice with correct technique and alignment, and help focus on specific areas if needed. As an added bonus, this means the services could be covered by private health insurance.

Universal Practice
8 Albert Street, Richmond
(03) 9421 1049