Women want to see movies made by and about women. It’s silly that this is still a revolutionary notion. Instead of just lamenting the often-pervasive idea that art made by women is considered trivial or somehow inferior, the organisers of Girls On Film Festival (GOFF) are forging a scene where female visibility is the primary focus.

For its second year GOFF has a three-day program which the team describes as a “mixtape of movies, parties and feminism”. Based in Cretan House in Brunswick East, the festival will begin on Friday October 23 with the classic 1980s Madonna masterpiece, Desperately Seeking Susan (headscarves and crucifixes are not essential, but always encouraged), and will end with Thelma and Louise (BYO best friend, obviously). There will also be musical performances co-organised with Triple R.

Festival director Karen Pickering has assembled a savvy team for GOFF. It shows in the film program, which is diverse without being tokenistic, nostalgic without being lazy, and which focuses on fun rather being highbrow or condescending. This film festival does not get off on being exclusive and impenetrable.

The program features iconic anime films such as Princess Mononoke, and childhood favourites such as Matilda. Also screening is Bend it Like Beckham; local horror gem The Loved Ones; and sleepover classic, Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion. If you didn’t catch it at MIFF, Mary Dore’s documentary about first-wave feminism, She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, is definitely worth a look in.

GOFF is also running Girl Germs, a riot grrrl-inspired event featuring live performances, a nail-art bar, a zine-making workshop and a screening of Whip It.

In the words of the organisers, GOFF values: “accessibility, inclusion, and glitter. You’re invited”.

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Girls On Film Festival 2015 is running from October 23–25. Tickets are available here.