If you were given $1000 to spend on food and drinks around town, where would you use it?

Would you bring a friend to Gimlet for southern rock lobster baked in saffron rice and sauce rouille; dry-aged O’Connor T-bone steak cooked over coals; and a ton of champagne? Would you treat your entire crew to a night out at Soi 38? Or would you divide it up over several nights, ordering your favourite dishes at your local spots?

No matter what your fantasy is, we’re making it a reality for one lucky Broadsheet reader. In partnership with Listnr – the podcast network hosting our food and culture podcast Broadsheet Melbourne: Around Town – we’re giving away a $1000 Broadsheet Gift Card, which can be used at almost any restaurant or bar around Australia.

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Every Thursday on the podcast, starting today and ending April 4, we’ll reveal a code word which you’ll need to go into the draw.

To stay up to date with new episodes, all you need to do is search “Around Town” on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts and hit “follow”.

Once you’ve got the code word, head to the link below and enter your details for your chance to win.