In the era of Spotify and Pandora, local radio shows face heavy competition for listeners' time and money.

As one of the little guys, PBS 106.7FM Radio needs your help to continue championing local music. The independent and not-for-profit radio station has launched it’s annual fundraising drive with the PBS Radio Festival, featuring daily giveaways including a scooter, festival tickets and music for new subscribers.

“If you look at commercial radio, they do a really ordinary job at representing local music especially emerging and unsigned artists,” says PBS music director Cameron Durnsford. “PBS and certainly other community radio stations around the country are that place where artists get their first airplay and do their first interview.

“It’s really fundamental in the eco-system of Melbourne music and I think that’s why it means so much to people. They realise it’s a very special thing and it doesn’t exist everywhere, it needs to be nurtured.”

It’s never been easy to persuade people to cross the line of listener to member but PBS are pulling out all the stops with a huge array of prizes up for grabs. New members who join duringt the festival will go into the draw to win one of five major prizes including a Peter Stevens Vesper and food and drink vouchers for Golden Plains 2018.

There will also be daily prizes throughout the festival, and all new members will also be gifted an exclusive download featuring music from PBS’ Studio 5 Live series, featuring songs by No Zu, The Peep Temple and more.

Based in Melbourne, PBS has a strong focus on music made in the city, and makes it a priority to showcase that talent to its membership.

“Unlike a lot of other stations that refer to their members as subscribers, we like the fact that we say it’s a membership rather than a subscription, Durnsford says. “You’re part of what we do for the local music community.”

The PBS Radio Festival jets off from 12am on the 15th of May to 11:59pm, 28th of May.

Sign up online or call (03) 8415 1067.