Last summer, things got a little crazy.

In December last year, Melbourne lost its mind when it learned that the world’s longest slip ‘n’ slide was coming – a 400-metre-long squeaky, bouncy, slippery monster running all the way down Lansdowne Street.

Then, in a pretty weird turn of events, we found out a second giant slide was coming – in the same location – operated by an entirely different group of people.

Obviously some kind of long-running, underground street-slide gang war was coming to the fore, but for us – it was the best summer ever.

Now, the world’s longest street water slide by Slide Melbourne is returning to Lansdowne Street for two days: December 6 and February 7.

Tickets are on sale now, and already selling quickly. Each sliding day will be broken into five two-hour sessions. One ticket allows you to slide as often you can during each session – Slide Melbourne indicates between three to six slides per session. All sliders must be at least 110-centimetres tall.

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If you miss out on tickets, you can always recreate the experience with a few sheets of plastic, some detergent and a hose. Just try not to shoot headfirst into the backyard fence.