If you've been keeping up with your slide current affairs you should by now know that Melbourne is not getting just one giant street water slide, but two.

Here's how it unfolded. In late December 2014, word got out that the world's longest slip 'n' slide was coming to Melbourne – a custom-built, three-lane monster at 400 metres long. Slide Melbourne will be taking over Lansdowne Street in East Melbourne on Sunday February 15, although a second date was added on March 9 due to overwhelming demand. Now, it seems like a third slide date is in the works.

Hype around the slide was getting to dramatic levels, and then, in a unexpected turn of events, it was announced that Melbourne was getting a second giant street slide – by a completely separate group of people, Slidestreet. This one is happening on January 24, in the same location. Some people call it a happy coincidence, some people call it what it is – an all-out slide turf war.

With the first one happening this weekend (Slidestreet), we thought we would help you break down the differences between the two.


When, Where and How?
* January 24
* 9am to 7pm
* Lansdowne Street, East Melbourne
* Price: $15 (single slider), $39 (unlimited slides), $50 (family single slider), $135 (family unlimited slides)
* Tickets still available

Fast Facts
* Two lanes
* 315 metres long
* Slide begins at the corner of Lansdowne Street and St Andrews Place
* Slide ends at corner of Lansdowne Street and Wellington Parade
* There will be a bouncy castle for kids

Who's Behind It?
* A group which has also worked on events such as Perth Big Day Out, Future Music, Groovin The Moo. Sponsored by Nova 100 (who will be doing a live broadcast from the event).

* The Brulee Cart, Sliders on Tyres, Senor Churro, Bean to Melbourne, The Fud Revolution, Slurp It will all be selling food onsite
* Frosty Fruits will be handing out free samples of its new coconut water flavour

* The water is captured in the pool at end of the slide, recycled through a purification system and pumped back into the slide. Rinse and repeat!
* After the event, the water will be treated and transported for secondary use


When, Where and How?
* February 15 and March 9 (with a possible third date in the works)
* 10am to 6pm
* Lansdowne Street, East Melbourne
* Price: $40 + small booking fee (as many slides as possible within three-hour period)
* Tickets currently sold out

Fast Facts
* Three lanes
* 400 metres long
* Slide begins at Cathedral Place * Slide ends approximately 50 metres from Wellington Parade

Who's Behind It?
* Team of less than five who have previously worked on small-scale events, such as Reclink Community Cup
* Fully self funded

* Food trucks (specifics to be confiemd) serving a variety of food, icy poles, ice creams and cold drinks

* Potentially live music, to be confirmed

* Water will be captured in pools, later to be transported to a garden facility

Illustrations by Celeste Potter.