Over the past two weeks, American entertainment media has been focused squarely on Trevor Noah, the new host of The Daily Show who just took over from Jon Stewart after 16 years.

Back in Australia, though, we’re still psyched from the huge news that Melbourne’s own Ronny Chieng was named one of three correspondents as part of the new line-up.

The Melbourne comedian, who started his stand-up career only six years ago, made his debut overnight as Senior Technology Correspondent, delivering a typically sarcastic Chieng “everything-is-terrible” rant about wasting virtual reality technology on a Philharmonic Orchestra concert simulator.

“Yeah, a classical music concert. Great. Now I get to be bored out of my mind in the comfort of my own home.”

Watch the clip here:

Correspondent Ronny Chieng is still holding out for a few more advances in virtual reality. http://on.cc.com/1JV3SW4

Posted by The Daily Show on Thursday, 8 October 2015